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Home-style cooking with regional finesse – that is the trade mark of the Bobbeschänkelche. For this, Rainer Loß buys in fresh ingredients daily from regional producers. On the menu you will find changing daily dishes as well as seasonal dishes.

You can view our complete menue as PDF here: Menu PDF

Excerpt from our menu*


€ 4,50

Little pot of lard with bread

Little pot of lard with bread
€ 6,90


€ 6,90

Handkäs mit Musik

Hand cheese with music
€ 5,80

Potato soup “Bobbeschänkelche”

Potato soup “Bobbeschänkelche”
€ 12,50

„Bobbe“ meatball

made from 200 g pure beef with fried onions
€ 19,80

Tatar made from raw fresh Beef

200g raw fresh Beef, with onions, pickels, capers usw., self mixing
€ 9,80

Nuremberg pork sausages

on Sauerkraut
€ 15,80

Pork Schnitzel “Viennese style”

with French fries or fried potatoes, and a side salad
€ 27,80

Rump steak 250g

Alternatively, with herb butter or fried onions or pepper sauce, with French fries or fried potatoes and a side salad
€ 21,80

Fried fillet of zander (pikeperch)

with boiled or fried potatoes and a mixed salad
€ 6,80

Vanilla ice-cream

with hot raspberries and whipped cream


* Errors and changes excepted

Opening Hours

Monday-Saturday: from 17:30 Uhr
Sunday and on Public Holidays: closed


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